Patricia Domínguez studied a Master in Studio Art at Hunter College in New York (2011-2013) and a Botanical and Natural Science Certificate at the NYBG New York Botanical Garden (2010-2012). She was an artist in residence at the Palaeontology Department of the American Museum of Natural History (2011), was a visiting student at the advanced illustration program Chelsea School of Botanical, London (2017) and participated in short workshops with Asuka Hishiki, New York (2012), Indian miniature painting, India and Tanka Painting, Nepal (both 2012).

She is a founder member of Círculo de Ilustradores Naturalistas de Chile and from Studio Vegetalista.


Studio Vegestalista has produced work for numerous institutions such as American Museum of Natural History, Museo de Historia Natural de Chile, Hudson Seed Library, Deer Biology Congress,  Libro Homeostasis, Libro Ayni, Libro Parque Bicentenario and for contemporary artists like Darren Bader and Martin Roth.


Her illustration work has been reviewed in the press like Diario El Mercurio, Diario La Tercera, Ladera Sur, and Revista Paula.


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La Belleza de la Mirada Cientifica

La Belleza de la Mirada Científica

Diario El Mercurio

Entrevista Libro Pichintun

Diario El Mercurio

Ladera Sur

Interviews to SV

Revista Cecli

Ladera Sur

La Belleza de la Mirada Cientifica

La Belleza de la Mirada Científica

Diario El Mercurio



Studio Vegetalista is a platform for producing experimental ethnobotanical knowledge and research through interdisciplinary practice that combines art, ethnobotany, and non-academic shamanistic cosmologies.


Over the last 10 years, Studio Vegetalista has developed a school, publications, interviews and experimental essays around the current relationship between human and plants.


Studio Vegetalista is directed by artist Patricia Dominguez, alongside collaborators and peers. We are open to receive experimental ethnobotanical proposals, essays, residencies, and projects. 


Studio Vegetalista also receives commissioned illustration work for Natural Sciences, Botanical and Cosmological illustrations for books, scientific publications, private illustrations, tattoos designs, etc.







Studio Vegetalista has established collaborations with 'Círculo de Ilustradores Naturalistas' CINC, Korean Botanical Art Cooperative  KBAC, Museo Nacional de Historia Natural,  Chelsea School of Botanical Art CSBA and CAR Centro de Acercamiento a lo Rural.

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Interviews produced by SV

Entrevista a Felipe Monsalve

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