Commissioned illustrations made from 2012 - 2018 for Natural History Museums, Magazines, Books, Artist's work, Tattoos designs and private clients. Studio Vegetalista produces illustrations in scientific watercolour, graphite, ink and oil. 


Scientific representation of natural science specimens in gouache, watercolour, ink, graphite and digital painting. Some of these images were made for the exhibition "Whales before Whales", Museo Nacional de Historia Natural de Chile and are reconstructions of whales ancestors.



Botanical art projects in watercolour and graphite for different publications. We can produce precise scientific botanical illustration or botanical art, where the style is more flexible.  The style varies depending on the client.


Series of commissioned pieces for contemporary artists that appropriated scientific illustration for their individual. Their projects made by Studio Vegetalista have been exhibited in Frieze, K├Âlnischer Kunstverein in Cologne and Louis B James Gallery in New York.

Series of illustrations made for AYNI book, representing human relationships with the cosmos in a Pachamamic / mystic style. Studio Vegetalista has been developing its of projects in this style after the book.